For Authors

Online Submission

Fees and charges

There is no submission fee.

Article processing charges

There are many costs associated with publishing scholarly journals, such as those of managing peer review, copy editing, typesetting, and online hosting. To cover these costs, authors (or their representatives) are asked to pay modest article processing charges (APCs).
There is no APC if the number of words and other elements are within the stated limits in the ‘Format and structure’ section of ‘ Instructions to Authors’ . If the number of printed pages exceeds the specified number, the author will be charged 20,000 JPY (not including any relevant consumption taxes) for each extra page.

Color charges

Color figures are published online for free. Authors who request color figures in print must pay 55,000 JPY for the first color page, and 50,000 JPY per color page thereafter (prices do not include any relevant consumption taxes).


Author offprints can be ordered at the proof correction stage. The minimum order is 50 offprints. An order form and price list for offprints will be sent to the corresponding author with the proofs.